Optimize Your Company’s Sales Process and Drive Growth

SalesCycle Advisors partners with C-level executives of B2B companies who have enough to do without adding sales development to their portfolio. We act as your VP of sales, on an interim or ongoing basis, to help companies:

  • Boost their sagging or stagnant sales.
  • Deal with unmanageable salespeople, high turnover.
  • Develop a better process for following up on leads, tracking customer journey to purchase.
  • Gain greater accountability with sales metrics.
  • Design smarter sales territories.
  • Select and implement CRM and other solutions.
For many of these reasons, I’ve utilized the services of Jim and SalesCycle Advisors to help me to recalibrate my sales team’s focus through more effective communication.

Leveraging Jim’s efforts, I’ve motivated my sales team to align with our corporate goals and found a way to work together to increase our YoY growth from 28% to 63% in 1 year.Chris Lee, Vice President of Sales

Customize your sales strategy

As part of our outsourced sales advisement, SalesCycle Advisors will:

  • Thoroughly examine your existing sales cycle to identify the opportunities for improvement (sales skills, goals, compensation plans, territories).
  • Collaborate with you to develop a scalable, sustainable sales strategy that your team can execute, build out as needed, and excel with over the long term.
  • Design a customized plan that moves your organization out of stagnation and into upward sales volume.

Ramp up your sales cycle for powerful results

Our business-building sales expertise includes:

  • Prioritizing your sales plan for maximized results.
  • Helping companies through transition – change in ownership, shift in direction, merger/acquisition.
  • Implementing sales operation tools that motivate your sales team to overachieve.
  • Improve how your sales force interacts with other departments or areas of your organization.
  • Recruiting and hiring the right people for the job.
  • Build or improve your sales reporting process for greater visibility and accountability.